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The Birth of Snacktivist Foods: Our Story

My name is Joni. I am a Mom, Registered Nurse and a Snacktivist. Yes, a "snack-activist". I believe that food should be delicious, easy-to-make and nutritious.  I am the founder of Snacktivist Foods and we are dedicated to making this belief a reality!

Snacktivist Foods is a family-owned and operated business in the Inland Northwest. We make the best handcrafted, dry-mixes available. All of our mixes are gluten-free, vegan and use a unique base of ancient grains. 

Snacktivist Foods started when I began making large quantities of my popular gluten-free, vegan, dry-mixes. I found that if I made large batches on the weekends, it became easier to cook high-quality foods throughout the week while juggling long nursing shifts and busy days full of activities with my three kids. Before long, friends and coworkers began to ask to buy the mixes and a company was born.  

We believe that high-quality, nutritious foods are an integral part of our physical and mental health. As a BSN-RN who has worked as a Diabetic Educator and spent years in ER, ICU and Cardiology; I can honestly say that there is no better investment than your health.  We feel like our mixes can provide a nutritious alternative to many of our American staples. 

The Snacktivist Foods dream became a reality in Summer of 2015. In effort to expand the company and offer variety to our customers, our growth strategy will embrace continuous innovations and new introductions to our product line throughout the year. 

We sincerely believe in our mission and know that it can help create a healthier tomorrow. Join us on this adventure and become part of the Snacktivist Community! 

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