Where are you located?

Snacktivist is based in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID. Our products are manufactured in central Washington. 

Why Ancient Grains?

We believe that ancient grains and legumes have unique nutritional qualities. They are naturally non-GMO, require fewer synthetic chemical inputs during farming and often have special qualities such as drought resilience. 

What are Climate-Smart Crops?

Climate-smart crops are specific plant species that are resilient in the face of extreme weather like heat and drought. The climate-smart crops we work with are specifically drought and heat tolerant. Given the overall warming that is being experienced globally along with changes in water availability in many regions, we feel strongly that we need to shift the foundation of our staples to more resilient crops. We also value crops that continue to grow and produce yields in absence of synthetic fertilizers. We also value the fact that they do well in regenerative farming systems where they are used in crop rotations.Many ancient grains are used as cover crops and rotation crops in sustainable farming systems. 

How do you test for gluten in your products. 

Our products are Certified Gluten-Free through GFCO. Additionally, every ingredient is tested for the presence of gluten using a gluten assay test. We also test every batch after blending prior to the product leaving the facility. 

How do you know your ingredients are non-GMO?

Our products are Non-GMO Verified. Additionally, every single ingredient supplier we work with has to submit an annual review of spec sheets from the manufacturers that declares the status of every ingredient.

How do you know your ingredients are vegan?

Our products are Certified Vegan through Vegan Society Trademark. 


Are you women-owned company?

Snacktivist is a Certified Women-Owned company (WBENC). Snacktivist is family operated by Joni (founder) her husband Roy, and close family friends. 


Do you have any other certifications or claims?

Our products are Certified Kosher through Square K Kosher.

Snacktivist is a registered Idaho B-Corp. 

Member of the Plant-Based Food Association

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