Why Ancient Grains?

America's Farms are in Trouble.

Over the past 50 years, our domestic farming approach has changed radically. The shift away from smaller, family-owned and operated farms growing "sovereign" varieties of landrace and heirloom food crops has given way to more extensive, high-yield, petrochemical intensive, monocrop farming techniques.


These farming techniques contribute to rapid loss of topsoil, increased chemical pollution from pesticide and herbicide runoff, and reduced variety. 

Today, most of our primary food staples are now grown from proprietary seeds. These seeds are owned by large, multinational corporations like DuPont, Syngenta (ChemChina), and Monsanto (Bayer).


These seeds are expensive and must be repurchased every year. Many are genetically modified. 


We have seen a dramatic loss in seed natural genetic diversity over the past 60 years. Of course, there have been some fantastic improvements in yield, the reliability of germination, nutrition and disease resistance, etc. These have incentivized the transition away from sovereign seeds like the ones my grandparents grew. 


Along with the "advancements" in farming, we have also seen an epidemic of food allergies and other diet-related diseases in the global population. Simply put, these new crops and the processed foods that are made from them are making us sick.


The Plot Thickens

Global commodity markets have become increasingly competitive, creating economically challenging conditions for our domestic farmers, and they are looking for alternatives to stay afloat. 


What Do We Do?

From a national security standpoint, we absolutely must have a healthy, thriving, innovative farming community. We need to create a market for these alternative crops as the conventional routes to the market are built to favor commodities. 


  • We need our farmers to cultivate crops that can feed an enormous, growing global population in the face of increasing drought in our farmlands. 


  • We need our crops to be sustainably grown in ways that will protect the land for future productivity.


  • We need to give our younger generation an incentive to take over the family farm.


  • Most importantly, we need America's farms to grow healthy foods for us, our animals, and our environment.


At Snacktivist Foods, we are innovators. We believe that using innovative ingredients and alternative crops can create delicious new foods that will positively impact human health while assisting our environment and agricultural economy. 


We use ancient, heirloom, and landrace grains because they are: delicious, nutritious, genetically independent, sustainable, and profitable for farmers. Many of these ancient grains are gluten-free, have a lower glycemic index, and contain unique phytochemicals and antioxidants. 


At Snacktivist Foods, our mission is to help you revitalize your health while we reinvent baking and revitalize agriculture.