Snacktivist Foods' mission: conscientious indulgence

 At Snacktivist Foods, we focus on three pillars of action:
• to revamp baking,
• reawaken your health and
• revitalize agriculture. 
Snacktivist Foods is a women-owned food revolution based in Northern Idaho. Our passion is to drive a new grain economy through the development of leading-edge baking mixes and a finished product line of 'better-for-you" baked goods. We understand that a vital part of fighting climate change is through the development of regenerative agriculture driven supply chains. We are a critical link in the value chain that develops flavorful, healthy foods from crops that are vital to developing a diversified and ecologically sensitive farming system. Our products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and wholegrain. Our mantra is that "it is what we put in our products that is exceptional, not what we leave out". Join the Snacktivist Revolution and help make feeding the world a tool for building a healthy future!
Snacktivist Foods is dedicated to establishing a new norm in the American household where food is delicious, allergy-friendly and easy to make. We also want to bring people together by giving our customers more time to enjoy the things they love while still being able to cook delicious, home cooked foods for their families. Our customers can take pride in their inner domestic mastery by easily producing gourmet, healthy foods in a matter of minutes with minimal measuring, minimal mess and minimal cooking skill. With our line of mixes, you and your family can discover the fun of cooking healthy food together! 
In addition to making your life easier at home, Snacktivist Foods is also committed to improving the lives of children who live with food allergies.The Village Snacktivist Foundation is dedicated to helping provide gluten-free foods to families in need.
Together we can positively transform our world and with your help, we can take action to create positive social and dietary changes for those without the means to do so.  That is what puts the "activism" in Snacktivist Foods.  
Snacktivist Foods' line of dry-mixes are a pantry "must have" for people with a food allergy or intolerance.  They are also perfect for the health-conscious foodie who craves high-quality, homemade food without the fuss.