Water, Life and the Colorado with Tripp Wall, Regenerative by Design Podcast

Water, Life and the Colorado with Tripp Wall 

Tripp is a Colorado native with a long history of involvement with water, water rights and conservation.  Water is the most important “commodity” on Earth and today we kick off our first of several sessions dedicated to the complex relationship that humans have with this precious resource. 

Tripp is a student of Axiology which is the philosophical study of value. In this session, we navigate the layers of “value” that are placed on water by society from the perspective of access, purity and scarcity. 

Tripp takes a deep dive into the history of water resource management and regulation and helps us connect the dots to our current situation and management approach. Importantly we discuss how agriculture is reacting and adapting to this radically changing situation. 

Tripp has spent his professional career in finance, business, grocery and impact investment. He has also dedicated time to both Western States Water Partnership and the Colorado Wildlife Foundation.




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