Seeds of the Community and Seeds of the Past with Don Scheuerman, Regenerative by Design Podcast

Seeds of the Community and Seeds of the Past with Don Scheuerman

Don Scheuerman is a farmer and co-founder of the Grain Shed who has committed himself to the study and practice of landrace grain cultivation, regenerative agriculture, and innovative economic models. Don’s passion is for the many “forgotten” kinds of wheat and barley. Not only do these grains have exceptional flavor characteristics, but they can also dramatically reduce or eliminate the use of common inputs used in grain cropping systems. Don has traveled and worked around the world which gives him a very unique insight. 

He is passionate about collaborative business models, vertical integration, and the future of community-rooted economics. 

It is in this “seed-to-consumer” model that he has uncovered the magic behind farmer-connected food culture and how it can bring diverse people together over wholesome food and great beer.

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