Vegan Rum Cake

Yet another hit with my family, this rum cake was moist, rich, and yummy. I was inspired by Brownyn's recipe on Crumb and Caramel.

I used Snacktivist's Whole Grain Flour Blend and swapped out a vegan custard powder with corn starch. I also used vanilla oatmilk and subbed the buttery rum glaze with my mom's family favorite rum glaze icing!

Also, don't forget to be careful when you oil the cake tin. I used the spray and did not heed the note about pouring in the batter right away. When it came time to take the cake out of the tin, some of it stuck. Thankfully, the icing I used is fairly thick and hid the imperfections.

Check out the notes at the bottom of this recipe for a link to Crumb and Caramel's original recipe.


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Vegan Rum Cake
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