Pizza crust, artisan flat bread in disguise!

Artisan flat bread
Artisan flatbread seems to conjure up a sophisticated image that pizza crust can not quite do. But really, what is the difference? In the gluten-free world I have noticed that very few pizza crusts on the market would be edible without substantial pizza toppings. They simply lack the quality. One of the reasons we love our pizza crust mix is because it is good enough to stand on its own! 
Last weekend, we took a simple flatbread to a party where another friend had brought caprese salad. The results were outstanding, it was a match made in heaven! 
Caprese Salad with Snacktivist Flatbread
Creativity is the fun part! Use your imagination to come up with amazing flatbread toppings. Some of our favorite include:
    • Garlic, olive oil, feta, thyme and pine nut
    • Garlic, olive oil, leeks and blue cheese
    • Herb infused olive oil, reduced balsamic, arugula and walnuts
    • Prosciutto and pineapple chutney 
Let us know your favorite recipe! Share your photos with us, post to our Facebook page, tag us when you post your most beautiful flatbread.  Sharing is a great way to inspire others to cook and eat together. 
Remember to sit down, relax and enjoy good food with your friends and family!
Pizza crust, artisan flat bread in disguise!
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