GREENFIELD INCORPORATED Secures Second CPG Partnership with Snacktivist Foods to Provide Nutritious, Regeneratively-Farmed Ingredients

GREENFIELD to supply Snacktivist Foods with grain sorghum harvested by its WeedBot, reducing industry reliance on harmful chemicals. Snacktivist Foods joins GREENFIELD’s list of partners which will be able to first utilize GreenField’s upcoming GrassBot™, potentially eradicating the need for glyphosate and all other herbicides in food production.

"This partnership moves us into the market of human food as we continue to reduce – and eventually eliminate – chemicals from agriculture,”



GREENFIELD INCORPORATED, the company offering Robots-as-a-Service to broadacre farmers and delivering regenerative agriculture ingredients at scale, today announced a new consumer packaged goods (CPG) partnership with regenerative, plant-based baking mix company Snacktivist Foods. Through this partnership, GREENFIELD will supply grain sorghum, one of Snacktivist Food’s primary ingredients, utilizing GREENFIELD’sF2F© | FLEET-TO-FARM BOTony™ WeedBot, which significantly reduces the need for broadleaf herbicides in broadacre agricultural applications.

GREENFIELD’s latest partnership is the company’s second CPG deal within one month, and also comes on the heels of a successful funding round, further demonstrating the growing demand for chemical-free, carbon-negative, and nutrient-dense ingredients.

“This partnership moves us into the market of human food as we continue to reduce – and eventually eliminate – chemicals from agriculture,” said Clint Brauer, GREENFIELD INCORPORATED CEO. “We’re thrilled to partner with a like-minded company like Snacktivist Foods that is also working to reimagine our food systems.”

Snacktivist Foods, which also recently finalized a successful funding round, is a woman-owned, B-corp food brand specializing in nutritious, plant-based, allergen-free, and dry baking mixes that incorporate ancient grains such as teff, millet, and sorghum from regenerative growers. In addition to its existing line of mixes – waffle, brownie, bread, cookie, and more – the brand expects to soon launch additional lines of sorghum-based snacks.

“This partnership reinforces our commitment to changing the world one bite at a time through delicious, healthy, and regeneratively-farmed baking mixes,” said Joni Kindwall-Moore, Snacktivist Foods CEO. “We’re proud to continue contributing to the agricultural shift away from GMO and mono-crop farming by leveraging industry leaders, like GREENFIELD, and sustainable crops, like sorghum.”

As part of this partnership, Snacktivist Foods joins the list of companies that are among the first to utilize GREENFIELD’s upcoming GrassBot™, which is currently in development to completely eliminate the need for herbicides in no-till broadacre food production.

Snacktivist Foods products are available through its website, online retailers such as Thrive Market, Amazon, and Walmart, in selected retailers like Harmon’s, and in specialty juice bars and restaurants.

To learn more about the partnership and GREENFIELD INCORPORATED, visit

About GreenField Incorporated
GreenField | Bots, not Chems! GREENFIELD INCORPORATED uses robots to replace chemicals. Eat, Make and Grow Food without all the chems! GREENFIELD INCORPORATED provides ingredients without all the chems to manufacturers who make healthy food for families and pets. GreenField’s Fleet-to-Farm delivers robots to farmers who replace chemicals and improve profits. GREENFIELD INCORPORATED helps you manage the adoption curve of regenerative agriculture. Wherever you are, and wherever you want to go, we can help.

GREENFIELD INCORPORATED is the leader in making regenerative farming work for consumers, ingredient manufacturers, and farmers at scale. GreenField’s SourceSolve© matches food manufacturers with the chem-free ingredients they need for clean, nutrient-dense food. GreenField’s BOTony™ | Chem-free, Carbon-Negative Regenerative Process coordinates the forthcoming suite of GreenField bots to deliver chemical-free, carbon-negative, nutrient-dense ingredients. GreenField’s GreenField F2F© | FLEET-TO-FARM product is applicable to over three hundred million acres of broad-acre farming. GreenField’s 6C>Chems© | MORE CARBON, LESS CHEMS not only sequesters carbon but also removes chemicals for a holistic approach to environmental management.

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About Snacktivist, Inc.

Based in Post Falls, Idaho, Snacktivist, Inc., the parent company of Snacktivist Foods, provides great-tasting products of superior quality through the innovative use of ancient grains in carefully crafted versions of our favorite comfort foods. Snacktivist is much more than a ‘good for you and good for the plant’ food brand. The company is fueling the regenerative soil movement that is helping create the public’s demand for climate-forward products that meet standards for taste, health, and quality and enhance consumer understanding of the broader impact of food choices. Snacktivist, Inc. is certified women owned and an Idaho B Corp. Snacktivist® is a registered trademark of Snacktivist, Inc. All rights reserved.

GREENFIELD INCORPORATED Secures Second CPG Partnership with Snacktivist Foods to Provide Nutritious, Regeneratively-Farmed Ingredients
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