For the love of Chocolate

I think I may have underestimated the love that people have for chocolate. This may seem funny considering I grew up with a self-described "chocoholic".  Now that I am in the process of developing the best dang brownie mix on the planet, I have formally entered chocolate-appreciation "boot-camp". 

I have always liked chocolate. But I guess I am just picky about my chocolate. If I am going to indulge in something full of sugar, fat and calories, it better be rich with robust flavors and an amazing texture. Our brownie mix will be just that; a perfect union of chewy perfection paired with an exquisite bouquet of quality cocoas. Yum!


We have been sampling cocoas from many suppliers located around the country. They are all very different. Some have a light, floral aroma, some have a velvety quality while others are very earthy. We are enjoying the process of recipe development and I am determined to become a self-proclaimed "cocoa expert". 

I want to know what it is that my friends and family love about chocolate......... Are you a dutch cocoa fan or do you prefer the unadulterated, natural cocoa powders? Do you like a brownie that is cake-like? Or do you prefer them to be chewy, fudge-like and dense? Is it wrong to put chocolate-chips into a brownie mix? 

So please let us know! Tell us what makes the perfect brownie!


For the love of Chocolate
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