Real food for Foodies

I spent last week in Portland, OR taking in the amazing craft food scene that is flourishing there. It is a truly impressive wonderland of culinary innovation and appreciation, sort of a Foodie Shangri-La!  

While I was there, I had time to reflect on our little company's place in the craft food world. All of my penciled out plans and pivots over the past years were suddenly in front of me in a moment of clarity. I had a shift in thinking. It is a brand we are establishing here! It is a brand that gets high-quality, nutritious foods into the hands of foodies. 

So what is a foodie? According to Google, a foodie (foodie, ˈfo͞odē) is "a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet". The word has been around for a while but the use in our regular vernacular has increased since 2000. 

So yes, this is what we do in a nutshell. We make healthy cooking easy AND we make real food for foodies. 

Thank you to my friend Nate Sautao for allowing me to post this perfect Portland photograph! He captured a truly iconic shot of this unique city. Check out his Facebook page for more amazing Oregon photography.



Real food for Foodies
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