The Village Snacktivist: Philanthropy and Community Outreach.

Our company is different.

Responsible activism is such an integral part of our corporate philosophy that we built it into our name. Snacktivist is a combination of the words "snack" and "activist". We would like our business to be part of a new movement in which philanthropy and commerce work hand in hand to build a better world.  

We are proudly committed to doing business with other local food producers and distributors. Our goal is to source the majority of our ancient-grains, legume and oat flours from producers in Washington, Idaho and Montana. We feel lucky to live in such a agriculturally rich region! The Inland NW is truly one of the "bread-baskets" of America. 

We buy organically grown ingredients whenever possible and always use non-GMO sources. 

The Village Snacktivist Project: We aim to partner with other gluten-free food manufactures, non-profits, foster care agencies and food banks in the Inland Northwest to help identify children who medically require a gluten-free diet and get mixes to them. This community service side of our business is called The Village Snacktivist Foundation.

If you would like to become involved with this mission, please contact us at

We are excited about the potential of our foundation to truly make a difference.  Please join us in the Snacktivist movement!