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It's difficult to include gluten free and vegan options on your menu with a tight budget and no extra time to prepare them.  

We know!

That's why we created Snacktivist food mixes.



Our mixes need only water and oil to create.

Certified gluten-free and vegan, Snacktivist mixes feature ancient grains, a sustainable crop profitable for farmers. They're not only conscientious but indulgent.

Every propduct is flavor-forward and created to taste just as good if not better than the average baked good.

To order free samples of Snacktivist® mixes, cookies and cookie brownies, contact us at:


Contact us at 
or call 208-699-4422 for more information.
(Food Service Price Sheet - Coming soon.)
Download the 2018 Food Service Brochures Below


All of our popular mixes come in 4, 10 and 25 lb sizes!

Please contact us at 208-699-4422 for more information. 

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Snacktivist® Foods Foodservice pamphlet

Idaho Teff Pancake and Waffle

Double, Dark Chocolate Brownies

All-purpose Flour

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